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New Monday #480 - Myolie's Album Review

Myolie's brand new EP is obviously not as influential as the previous one last year. This is because her songs aren't outstanding enough, or maybe she only cares about dating and thus doesn't have the heart to fight this battle!

Let's first talk about the first plug, Love Delusion. Her forceful rendition made singing sound more like a shouting song. Slow ballad, Bright Day, sounded like she couldn't handle high pitches well, thus it sounded pretty unstable. However, the later 2 songs, Sympathy Points and Soulmate, were considerably better and more likeable. Sympathy Points was the composition of 2 famous musicians, Peter Kam and Keith Chan, and this immediately created the 'branded effect'. No matter whether it's the song itself or Myolie's rendition, these areas were very satisfactory. As for Soulmate, the melody is soothing to listen to, thus it's easy to remember the tune and hum along. No wonder, it also has the Mandarin version, Searching For Love, which Myolie personally penned the lyrics herself.

As for the two duets, Break Off and Have Intention, the former has Chilam, whom hasn't sang for a long time, thus the pairing is refreshing, but it was a pity that it lacked the 'Modern Love Story' chemistry sparks, making it a little disappointing! As for the latter duet which is a drama subtheme with Kevin Cheng, no idea if it's because one just finished listening to Chilam's magnetic voice, when listening to this, the feeling's quite weird. Perhaps it's because both voices did not match very well.

Actually this album has come up with the correct title. For the past year, no matter whether it's singing or acting, Myolie's performance had paled in comparison as compared to the past. Looks like this loveholic lady should stop thinking about dating lah. Next year, should work harder!

Recommended Songs: Sympathy Points, Soulmate
Mongkok Album Price: HKD80
Ratings: 3

Myolie Wu (Industry Experience: 10 years) - Gradually Climbing Back Up

Having had rumors with Bosco Wong for 4 years, it's lucky that she's still very obedient, thus she's still being held in high regard by the executives. In 2006, she put on 50 pounds to film To Grow With Love and acted as the Hong Kong version of Bridgett Jones. But it was a pity that the ratings was so-so, and her TV Queen dream was shattered. 2 years later, she was being bashed for her frowning expression in When Dogs Love Cats, causing the netizens to brand her with a nasty nickname. Thus, TVB could only push her into the music industry. Last year, she signed onto Neway Star and became a singer. Her popularity is slowly rising up again. Her new work includes A Chip Off The Old Block which is on air currently. 

Myolie Wu will sing Happy Birthday to Bosco Wong

Myolie Wu attended a skin care product function. A boy was arranged to give her a bunch of flowers. Myolie asked the boy to give her a kiss however the boy refused which made her feel quite awkward. Tonight Myolie will be holding her live concert, she expressed that she felt very nervous as she needs to dance and play the piano. She exposed that today is also Bosco Wong's birthday and she will not rule out singing Happy Birthday on stage to celebrate.

Myolie Wu denies being revealing at mini concert

Myolie Wu recently attracted attention from exposing her chest at her mini concert the other night, yesterday she accepted an interview by Metro and denied: "I didn't reveal my chest, there was another bra top under my outfit which had pins on it. Maybe because a little of the bra top was exposing, revealing the pins, I am definitely very safe. I was already really covered up. I didn't reveal my chest." She graded her performance giving it 80% because she took off 10% for catching attention on the exposure. 

Myolie also denied that she and Bosco Wong were rehearsing for their wedding. She smiled:"This will only make me not want to invite him next time. I already said earlier that he will be coming to support me. The flowers that he gave, Nancy Wu brought for me!" It was said that Bosco helped her drink during the after show celebration and was driving drunk when he left. Myolie said: "It was his birthday, he has no time to celebrate, so I told him to just come with his friends. He only drank 1 cup. Of course drinking and driving is not good, I will encourage him and my friends not to do that." She strongly stressed that it is not about love, she is currently focused on her career, that is the most important.

Myolie Wu support healthy competition

Myolie Wu was all cover up when she attended her new drama promotion. She expresses that she is wearing wool clothing underneath, all geared up to guard against the cold. Regarding TVB recent dispute with the 4 major recording company, Myolie expressed that she didn’t notice and wasn’t sure what is happening. She also said that she just knows that she has to sing her song well. Ask whether she will have more advantages during the company year-end music award? She said she did not notice, welcome healthy competition.

Myolie said she did not notice the copyright dispute

Myolie Wu was doing promotion for “A Chip Off The Old Block”. This is the second year Myolie Wu will be involved in the music industry. Regarding the recent dispute over the MVs copyright, she has no idea at all. She said, “These few days I haven’t been paying attention to the relevant news.” The third season of JSG best selection will be held tomorrow night; Myolie didn’t even know whether her songs are being nominated. She said, “Wouldn’t predict I will have a lot of awards!” 

GameNext #430 - Myolie Wu: Singing Out All Kinds Of Love

After releasing her debut album, Evolve, last year, Myolie Wu officially started her singer journey outside of her drama career. After a year of hard work, Myolie now has released a new album, Loveholic, using her voice to combine all the different perspectives of romance and portraying out the new definition of love!

Passionate In Love 

After the experience of producing the first album, the entire production process for this new album, Loveholic, has been smoother than expected. At the same time, using Loveholic as the main theme, it turns out that this was not deliberately being arranged either. “Though I don’t dare to say that there’s improvement, I still feel that the entire production process has evidently been smoother and better as compared to the first album. After all, I’ve accumulated a little recording experience. As for the album being titled Loveholic this time, it definitely leads to everyone thinking about romance, right? We did not deliberately have this theme in mind at first before producing this album. It’s until during the recording process that we discovered the songs being chosen this time revolve around the love theme. Every song brings out a different attitude of feelings, so we decided to specially choose love as the main theme.” Loveholic has 6 new Cantonese songs and 1 Mandarin song. Myolie even joked that most of the songs were more depressing. “Because there’ll be different experiences for love at different stages. But this time, most of the songs are the more depressing kinds. Only the duet by Kevin Cheng and I, Have Intention, is talking about a story on a couple trying to guess each other’s thoughts but did not have the courage to confess their feelings out. It’s a little sweet. The duet, Break Off, with Chilam is definitely a tragic song lah. As for Love Delusion, it’s about the youngsters nowadays. When they date, they first start from the other party’s looks, but they don’t understand what kind of partner is then suitable for themselves. In addition, youngsters need to learn from their lessons, before being able to understand their own wants.” Similar to the previous main plug, Solo Travel, Love Delusion is also being composed by Charmaine Fong. Myolie even felt that this was the continuation of Solo Travel, using an upbeat tune to portray out the youngsters’ love mistakes. 

Love Logic

Rather than saying that the songs in Loveholic are tragic, it’s better to describe it as the common problems many people have met during the love journey. Myolie continued to talk about the songs, “Bright Day is also a tragic song. Normally, when people are dating, they will be blinded by love. Only after the relationship had ended, then they began to wake up to their senses. It’s like seeing bright light once again. As for Soulmate, it’s not quite a tragic song. I believe many ladies will wish to find a suitable soulmate at many times. And each time when they date, they will believe that they can be together with the other party till old age! But in the end after being together for so long, they will start to have arguments and discover that the other party might not be their soulmate. After that, they go on to search for another one. This is a repeated cycle experienced by many. Then is a true soulmate only being bestowed by God? Though Loveholic uses love as its main theme, they focus on bringing out different love problems, and each song touches your heart.

First-time Lyricist

Myolie, whom admitted that she’s more focused on music this year, started preparing this album since the middle of this year. She even tried out the lyricist job for the first time. “This year, more time has been spent on my music. Because after filming a drama at the beginning of the year, there’s a period of time where I can stay in Hong Kong and focus on my album. So I tried out penning the lyrics for the first time – the Mandarin version of Soulmate, Searching for Love. I spent a night penning the lyrics. I feel that penning the lyrics really requires you to imagine scenes of the song. If you have, then you can complete quickly. But at first, I once tried penning the Cantonese version. But good lyrics for Cantonese songs need to have some rhyming. In the end, after I wrote the first part, I could not continue writing on. So I started with the easier one – the Mandarin version!” Myolie even joked that for her first lyrics, the producer decided to use it without doing much changes to it. This made her quite excited! Other than personally penning lyrics, Myolie also worked with different producers to find more changes to herself, and even sing out the different attitudes towards love!

Many Producers Behind-The-Scene

This time, Myolie’s new album has found many famous producers like Edward Chan, Tang Chi Wai, Peter Kam and Adrian Chow. Myolie expressed that for Soulmate, which she worked with Adrian Chow, the song had been recorded close to 100 times before Adrian gave it an okay!“Though I’ve no idea if I’d really recorded 100 times, the feeling’s really like I’ve recorded 100 times. Because Adrian felt that when I sing, I’m too self-conscious and couldn’t express the scenario in the song. Of course, Adrian’s demands on me and his strict professionalism made me feel touched too!”

First Duet With Chilam

Myolie sang a duet, Break Off, with Julian Cheung. This song is even Chilam’s first recorded song after he returned to the music industry. Myolie said, “During the recording, it was my first time listening to his voice at such a close distance. I felt really touched. I feel that the aim of singing should be like this. Other than pitching and other singing techniques, it’s important to touch the listeners too!” 

Myolie Wu is still finding her Soulmate

Myolie Wu was at the radio station to promote her new song, Soulmate. Myolie pointed out that the song talks about how a girl spends a lifetime trying to find her 'soulmate'. When asked whether she has found her own soulmate, Myolie replied: "Still finding. It's not that easy." When questioned whether rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong is her 'soulmate', Myolie clarified that both of them are really good friends. Myolie also revealed that she will be going to Mainland for work soon, so she's not sure whether she can return to Hong Kong for Valentines Day.